That we no longer have unwanted mini pigs in shelters across the United States through rescue, spay/neuter, rehoming, training and education.

We have joined the fight against the growing number of unwanted mini pigs being left in our shelters daily throughout the United States.  Our shelters were established for the unwanted dogs and cats that we have in our country.  The facilities were built with those species in mind.  Unfortunately, they are not meant for a species like the mini pig and therefor the pigs that are left at these facilities suffer even more. 


We will be taking on mini pigs that have already been abandoned by their owner and have ended up in over run shelters. There are far too many of these cases. More than 90% of mini pigs that are adopted end up needing to be remhomed within 2 years.

MARA rehabilitation

In addition to providing relief of overcrowding from shelters, Mara's Farm will then be able to give proper care and stability to the mini before being adopted out. Mara Farms will address spay / neutering, vaccinations, hoof trimming, medical & nutritional needs, weight issues of both under and over weight, behavior issues, and basic training.


Once the rehabilited pig is ready for its forever home, Maras will be looking for the right family to place our rescues with. This includes making sure each applicant has the proper zoning for pigs, that they have a stable home & nice yard, that they are educated on what a mini pig is, and they are a good fit.


#1) Get our property ready so that we have the ability to properly house and keep mini pigs.

#2) Pull pigs from these shelters and give them a safe environment to thrive. 

#3) Spay/neuter before we rehome these pigs so they can have a family of their own to love and bond with. 

#4) Put as much training as we can so the pigs will adjust easily into their new homes.

#5) Educate potential owners with as much information on these animals before they ever decide to bring a pig into their home.  We know that the more pigs we are able to rehome with permanent families will allow us to save more pigs by pulling them from shelters.  

#6) Continue to raise money through fundraising, grants, donations and sponsorships so we can continue our work with the animals that are permanent residents on our sanctuary and all of the mini pigs we hope to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome. We also want to encourage more orangizations to take on the no mini-pig left behind mission.


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