Mara Farms Sanctuary is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. Your tax free donation helps us with food, shelter, fencing, vet care, and enrichment for our residents and future mini pig fosters. We have great plans for the future of Mara Farms and we hope you will consider a tax free donation to aid our mini pig mission and to help care for our permanant farm residents.






Mara Farms Sanctuary started as a small farm animal sanctuary.  When we bought our property without even realizing it, we started rescuing farm animals.  When we realized we’d become a rescue we created the sanctuary.  It started out as a sanctuary for these animals.  This would be their forever home to live out their lives knowing love, care and affection. 


As we grew, we started noticing the mini pig trend becoming a problem for local shelters.  More and more shelters were having mini pigs surrendered to them.  Unfortunately, these local shelters are not set up for mini pigs.  We shifted our focus and are moving forward with a mini pig rescue.  All of our farm animals that you see here on this site will remain here in their forever home.  The mini pigs that we pull from shelters will be vetted, spayed/neutered, rehabilitated and rehomed.  We will also focus on education and what it takes to have a mini pig in one’s household.  We realized that the more mini pigs we rehome, the more lives we can save.


Now that we have shifted our goal in the direction of mini pigs we have so much work to do on the property to make this dream a reality. We are clearing the rest of our property.  The property needs to be fenced and cross fenced and we need to build a barn specifically for the pigs.  We will need a quarantine facility.  Our first large fundraisers will be directed toward preparing for the future.  We want these animals to come to our sanctuary feeling comfortable and safe.  We are very excited to start this new journey and hope we make a difference in so many lives, both for the pigs we rescue and the forever families that adopt them.


Domini Stottsberry

Co-Founder of Mara Farms. Animal keeper, organizer, piggie trainer, & event planner. Domini also monitors the medical & nutritional needs of the animals at Mara Farms.

Chris Walker

Co-Founder of Mara Farms. Animal Keeper, farm hand, Mr. Fix it, professional piggie salad maker.

Morey Sparks

Animal keeper and farm hand. Morey is usually hanging out with the goats and Norman the cow.

Denise Feehan

AKA Wilbur's mom. Denise brought Wilbur to Maras and introduced the piggies to target training. She handles the Mara Farms Website and helps with social networking.


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